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Digital Marketing Blogs

A Review of 10 Digital Marketing Blogs

We identified 10 popular digital marketing blogs. – award winning innovative digital marketing agency.   The blog operates through a medium of business promotion. It’s primarily a B2B blog with a focus on industry. – Digital marketing networking site for professionals whose main objective is to provide training and learning to marketing professionals/students.  Broad portal of digital marketing experts and academics.  Broad topic coverage. – Global digital marketing agency with a focus on SEO services, PPC management, mobile advertising, cross channel marketing and email marketing.  Taking learnings from the American markets and Case Studies posting the latest insights for marketers. – Appearing independent and described as data-driven social media insights and opinion.  Digital marketing guru, stats and analytical, research driven findings. –  New kid on the block, Dublin-based marketeer bringing a fresh perspective to digital marketing trends and overall marketing strategy.  Geographical and micro marketing with an ‘on the ground’ feel with no agenda.  Independent, easy to navigate displaying a broad scope. – Creative digital marketing agency, Finds the most cutting edge creative campaigns and artistic work (borderline not marketing, but great place to get inspired!).  Highly engaging. – Digital marketing agency, highly technical with a focus on Google adwords.  Low level of content. – David Chaffey, expert academic who specialises in consultancy and training.  Research based findings. – Community of digital marketers – highly interactive and engaging, formed on linkedIn in 2008 – portal for bloggers.

Top 10 blogs identified for review

The Blogs above were identified through SEO google listings, referrals, accreditation (Digital Marketing Awards) and company brand awareness.  On scanning individual blogs, content was the driving factor on selection although design was also a consideration.

The design is vital for building trust, although  if people can’t find what they want in the content, the design is pointless.  The resource pages were an important element of the blog to clearly outline the content.

Links to the websites are under blogroll to the right of this site.

Over the coming weeks we will examine the content of the above identified blogs.  As students of digital marketing, the blogs are subjective and the reviews are based on our opinions.  The blogs all share the same focus of digital marketing. As a result key words emerge  and relevant subjects appear across all blogs cross referencing and referring to similar subject matter including email to RSS, SMS to SEO, digital marketing campaigns, social media, facebook, google, linkedin, technology, advertising and marketing, mobile, video, training and analytics.