Facebook blogs – who does it best?


Facebook Blogs

The Digital Marketing Institute blogs come in first delivering highly engaging relevant marketing focused Facebook blogs.  And in second place, Magicbeanlab.com presents critiques and learnings from findings to advise marketers on campaigns.

Cybercom comes in behind with highly focused relevant blogs for industry and brand managers.

William Egan’s posts are text heavy and referenced -based offering practical tips on the us of Facebook for businesses. DigitalDoughnut is random in its posts and the main criticism is there little structure to the flow of the posts and the industry sector they are serving.

Digital Marketing Institute Blog – Heineken Beer Tender

Snapshot of Cybercom Posts:

TinyGrab Screen Shot 01-04-2013 22.03.30

Campaigns – Magicbeanlab:

Rather than simply buying seconds and using spots to promote social media campaigns, visits to Facebook pages or rallies to Tweet a branded hashtag (brandtag), think about it as a way to tell a story that can live beyond the spot or beyond the campaign.

(Brian Solis, ‘The future of TV is more than social, it’s a multi-screen experience that needs design’, May 2012)

All the bloggers had some posts on Facebook.  The depth of the posts varied.  The more technical sites such as Wolfgang do not address social media as their niche is in PPC and Google Adwords which we will address in another post.  And in the words of Alfred Hitchcock – Good Evening!

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