Content is key for SEO

Structure and Content is Key for SEO


Great digital marketing blogs has little to do with the way it looks, although design can give a blog an edge.  The body of text makes for a credible blog.  As text is important, the typography you choose to use should take the reader into consideration.  How people interact with your content visually is important.  Each blog has a visual hierarchy and blog posts must have structure.  There are headlines, sub-headlines, regular text, links, and block quotes.  Each layer of the structure has a different goal.

The Headline– The point of your headline is to grab the readers’ attention, and that’s why it’s often the largest piece of text in your blog post.

The Sub-Headline– Your sub-headlines also grab attention, and their main purpose is to turn scanners into readers. In order to do so, they must be as compelling as your main headline, and thus, larger than other text on your page (aside from your headline).

The Links– Your links are often a different colour than the rest of your text, and that’s the way it should be. It must be remembered that links beckon clicks.

If your blog doesn’t have structure, you’ll confuse your readers and they won’t know what they can click and what they can’t click.

Different blogs have different objectives, ranging from increasing profile/awareness, revenue, e-mail database building/conversion. The effectiveness of any blog correlates with the intended blog objective.  It should be re-iterated that the core body of text is how the receiver evaluates the relevance of the blog, and it will be on this basis we will review our identified bloggers.

Beatrice Whelan gave a presentation on blogging for SEO success to the KLCK Bloggers Network and this presentation outlines what we have said above. Have a look and see what you think.

http:/// (William Egan)  offers great insight for beginners…


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