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Top tips for flawless email marketing

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There are certain essential basics in your email marketing that have to be absolutely right in order for your message to get through and be read.  While the content will change from issue to issue, you still have to ensure that your email gets through the SPAM catchers, is opened by the recipient and is then read.  An added bonus is for it to be forwarded on to the recipients’ colleagues.

So, let’s have a look at the top eight fundamentals and best practices.

1.       Subject Line – apart from your name, this is the first thing that the recipient will see and therefore will be a huge decider on whether your email gets opened or not.  Be sure to use a system that allows you to test various Subject Line options.

2.       Your name – do not send your newsletter from “” or  This is sure-fire way for it to be blocked and pushed into the “bulk email” or SPAM folder.  Send your emails from a real person.

3.       Unsubscribe option – let people get off your database if they want to.  In fact, it is a legal requirement to give your recipients an option to unsubscribe.

4.       Forward to a friend – if you want to spread your message, then allow people to easily forward your email to a friend or colleague.  Therefore, include a “forward to a friend” option within the email.

5.       Images – keep the images small and tight – if you send lagers images, your email may well be blocked.  Also, make sure that the images in the email are formatted correctly – how often have you received and email with incorrectly formatted images which then causes the text to be incorrectly formatted (which, in turn, may cause someone to prematurely delete your email without reading it)?

6.       Use of BCC – Just never use this as an option – if you are considering sending email newsletters or bulk email), use a third party email marketing application (there are plenty available at a range of prices – we use, but there are lots around)

7.       Content – keep your messages and content focused and relevant.

8.       Footer – allow people to contact you so add your contact details into the newsletter (best place is the footer).

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