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Google analytics smartinsights




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Avril McArdle, Seven Marketing Tips For Small Businesses, Digital Marketing Insitute blog, January 9, 2013

When it comes to research, I’m a real believer in paralysis by analysis.  Although, when it comes to rolling out digital marketing strategies analytics are crucial at measuring their success.  Numbers are what drivers in the importance of understanding the web and the future strategies of driving the business online through sales and future revenues.  The next phase of the web and digital is to realise all the information at hand that can be resourced in terms of identifying needs and servicing them digitally.

Smartinsights most popular posts include:

These are the most popular posts on Smart Insights:

There are also sites such as google analytics blog although it is very technical and highly complicated written by google eyed academies.  Smart insights to me offer simplified laymens terms when it come to crunching the numbers and providing insights.
David Chaffeys report writing is structured for the beginner, it’s written so it dowsn’t need to be decoded and can be read with some grasp of understanding.
Report writing is written with text and visually aided to interpret and understand resulting in control.It reads……

Google Analytics adds Data Hub and Trackbacks to the Activity Stream Reports

Value/Importance: ★★★★★

Recommended linkGoogle Analytics post: the Activity Stream in Social Reports

In March 2012, we highlighted Google’s new Social Analytics as they were then described in the Beta we were reviewing. In August 2012 the Social Analytics feature became part of theSocial Reports we now see in Google Analytics as a standard feature.

This latest update to Social Report has two new additions:

1. Data hub activity – This feature, shown below, was originally available through a drilldown, so isn’t entirely new, but is now highlighted in the menu as Data hub activity.

It’s an interesting reminder from an SEO perspective that Google is able to track comment activity on a blog. If you’re setting up a blog it’s worth using a Google Data Hub partner. I recommend using Disqus which we use, or Livefyre.

You are the digital guru David Chaffey!


Who has the best digital blog offering?

Digital blog offering

These sites that were chosen have all got different things going for them and are mostly approaching their blogs from different points of view. Some are solely to promote the company while others are informative and even then some are more informative than others.

digital news

From a news point of view, the Digital Marketing Institute and Williamegan.ie (Dublin Digital) win the up-to-date news dissemination hands down. Their blogs are jam packed wtih information for every type of use, and also from every angle. Take in comparison wolfgangdigital.com. This blog is run by a company that deals primarily in SEO, PPC and Google Adwords and so, as a result, their blog contains information about these subjects.

Digital Doughnut also deserves a mention for its coverage of digital issues but the blog is laid out differently to the others and is therefore more difficult to follow.

ease of use for blog offering

Although we mentioned at the beginning that content is key for SEO, it is also important that these blogs look well and are easy to manoeuvre and use.

Here again Williamegan.ie and the Digital Marketing Insitute excel in ease of use and then the vast majority of the rest are good. While researching for our own blog, a couple of exceptions on the ease of use side of things came to light.

Firstly, Cybercom will only allow the user to search on the blog once every 15 seconds. Now that may not seem to be a long time but when you are frantically searching for something under a strict deadline that 15 seconds seems like an eternity.

Cybercom digital blog error

The other exception is Digital Doughnut, a very informative site, which uses different headings/tag words to all the other blog. From a user’s point of view, if the phrase/article/information you are looking for is not readily available or obvious, it can make things a little more difficult.

Digital Doughnut digital offering

Interestingly, one of these blogs was recommended to us as an informative, up-to-date, insightful view of all things digital – http://www.beatricewhelan.ie/blog. However when we tried to source the blog,  we got a 404 not found message. Beatrice does have her own website but states on it that she blogs on two others. website extraordinaire blog and bloggertone.com. On the former, the server was not available and on the latter there were no posts. However, we did track her down on the Digital Marketing Institute blog.

Overall we would have to conclude that these blogs do provide a service to those who use them. While some are ‘idiot’ friendly, others are very much targetted to those who are immersed in the digital sector. They are all informative in their own way but as in everything there are those that shine more than others.

Google Adwords – who gives us the best information?

What can we learn about Google Adwords?

Wolfgang Digital prides itself on its Google Adwords and SEO campaigns so it is inevitable that the site’s blog has plenty of information regarding these two topics and how they relate to business.  In this regard, one of their most interesting posts discusses how the evolution of multi-device internet activity is causing changes in Google adword capabilities. Infographic courtesy of Wolfgang Digital.

Google Adwords on multi devices

Cybercom, on the other hand have plenty of information about Adwords but it seems all quite old. They seem to concentrate primarily on news in their blog…but there’ll be more on that in another posting.

Digital Doughnut’s blog doesn’t see to have any information available on Google Adwords where as the Digital Marketing Institute offers several entries throughout its blog which includes mention of the topic. Indeed in other entry entitled Getting your Business found using Google Adwords, from Fuzion’s Greg Canty dated July 312012, he goes so far as to recommend a book available on Amazon (see graphic below).

Google Adwords book on Amazon.co.uk

Dublin Geographic Specific Digital Marketing Blog


William Egan presents a very focused blog on the Dublin geographic market.  Easy to navigate and must be congratulated on his contribution to the digital marketing blog scene.  News is clearly broken down under digital marketing, google, social mediaand SEO news.  Regular posts and updates.  Although his fan numbers and followers are low, we predict great things for this blog and the industry evolves.

Dublin digital page

Digital Campaigns to Inspire…

I enjoyed simple zesty.com and the creative bang that they deliver everything from viral videos, blogs and campaigns on what’s hip, creative, innovative with the big brand guys to the social media gurus and channels.

These are some of my favourites: Vivienne Westwood

Italian agency Leo Burnett Milan came up with this novel idea which used the flagship store of a prominent designer to set up a display that you wouldn’t forget in a hurry. It got British designer Vivienne Westwood to turn the mannequins in her store window into victims of domestic abuse. Each model was covered with bruises, marks and had black eyes to hammer the message home. Also, when you consider that these mannequins are usually a pale colour – so particular items of clothing stand out more – seeing the bruises stand out more means it sticks in your mind long after you’ve walked past Solving the problem of domestic abuse still has a long way to go, but considering that this campaign got a significant amount of media attention in Italy, it means that we’re hopefully a step closer to banishing this problem.

Harrowing Campaign Turns Mannequins Into Domestic Abuse Victims

Also  Cool Titles such asThis Week’s 10 Most Talked About Viral Videos – 24th Marchincludes Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Gets The Lego TreatmentIt seems to be a new rule that when the trailer of a blockbuster movie movie comes out, a parody will quickly follow. The latest Star Trek trailer gets the LEGO makeover as we see all the iconic scenes recreated using the iconic bricks.I had endless fun going through the simple zesty site.  A great place to be creatively inspired for brainstorming digital marketing ideas.
Volkswagen Launch Incredibly Smart Youtube Campaign Around Crappy Music Covers by Niall Harbison from Simply Zesty published on Digital Marketing Institute blog on May 25, 2012
When you are watching a video on Youtube the last thing that you want to see is an advert and most users try to find the little x button and close them down as quickly as they possibly can. It’s been a major problem for Youtube over the years as they try and find a revenue model that fits the site but car brand Volkswagen have come up with a small innovative campaign for used parts that is brilliant in it’s creativity and also wonderfully simple. They’ve also managed to turn the ads in to something that people actually want to click on rather trying to avoid because they improve the user experience. They selected some of the worst copy cat videos from around the world which were covering classic hits and placed banners on the videos that said “Don’t accept imitations” and the beauty was that when you clicked on the advert it took you to the original version of the song on Youtube. From a user experience perspective people knew that clicking on the ads would bring them to what they were actually looking for while Volkswagen were able to drive home the message that their parts were the best in the business and that originals are better. Not every brand is going to be able to copy this campaign nor will it solve Youtbube’s revenue issues long terms but it is a wonderful use of ads by Volkswagen.