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Avril McArdle, Seven Marketing Tips For Small Businesses, Digital Marketing Insitute blog, January 9, 2013

When it comes to research, I’m a real believer in paralysis by analysis.  Although, when it comes to rolling out digital marketing strategies analytics are crucial at measuring their success.  Numbers are what drivers in the importance of understanding the web and the future strategies of driving the business online through sales and future revenues.  The next phase of the web and digital is to realise all the information at hand that can be resourced in terms of identifying needs and servicing them digitally.

Smartinsights most popular posts include:

These are the most popular posts on Smart Insights:

There are also sites such as google analytics blog although it is very technical and highly complicated written by google eyed academies.  Smart insights to me offer simplified laymens terms when it come to crunching the numbers and providing insights.
David Chaffeys report writing is structured for the beginner, it’s written so it dowsn’t need to be decoded and can be read with some grasp of understanding.
Report writing is written with text and visually aided to interpret and understand resulting in control.It reads……

Google Analytics adds Data Hub and Trackbacks to the Activity Stream Reports

Value/Importance: ★★★★★

Recommended linkGoogle Analytics post: the Activity Stream in Social Reports

In March 2012, we highlighted Google’s new Social Analytics as they were then described in the Beta we were reviewing. In August 2012 the Social Analytics feature became part of theSocial Reports we now see in Google Analytics as a standard feature.

This latest update to Social Report has two new additions:

1. Data hub activity – This feature, shown below, was originally available through a drilldown, so isn’t entirely new, but is now highlighted in the menu as Data hub activity.

It’s an interesting reminder from an SEO perspective that Google is able to track comment activity on a blog. If you’re setting up a blog it’s worth using a Google Data Hub partner. I recommend using Disqus which we use, or Livefyre.

You are the digital guru David Chaffey!

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