Digital Campaigns to Inspire…

I enjoyed simple and the creative bang that they deliver everything from viral videos, blogs and campaigns on what’s hip, creative, innovative with the big brand guys to the social media gurus and channels.

These are some of my favourites: Vivienne Westwood

Italian agency Leo Burnett Milan came up with this novel idea which used the flagship store of a prominent designer to set up a display that you wouldn’t forget in a hurry. It got British designer Vivienne Westwood to turn the mannequins in her store window into victims of domestic abuse. Each model was covered with bruises, marks and had black eyes to hammer the message home. Also, when you consider that these mannequins are usually a pale colour – so particular items of clothing stand out more – seeing the bruises stand out more means it sticks in your mind long after you’ve walked past Solving the problem of domestic abuse still has a long way to go, but considering that this campaign got a significant amount of media attention in Italy, it means that we’re hopefully a step closer to banishing this problem.

Harrowing Campaign Turns Mannequins Into Domestic Abuse Victims

Also  Cool Titles such asThis Week’s 10 Most Talked About Viral Videos – 24th Marchincludes Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Gets The Lego TreatmentIt seems to be a new rule that when the trailer of a blockbuster movie movie comes out, a parody will quickly follow. The latest Star Trek trailer gets the LEGO makeover as we see all the iconic scenes recreated using the iconic bricks.I had endless fun going through the simple zesty site.  A great place to be creatively inspired for brainstorming digital marketing ideas.
Volkswagen Launch Incredibly Smart Youtube Campaign Around Crappy Music Covers by Niall Harbison from Simply Zesty published on Digital Marketing Institute blog on May 25, 2012
When you are watching a video on Youtube the last thing that you want to see is an advert and most users try to find the little x button and close them down as quickly as they possibly can. It’s been a major problem for Youtube over the years as they try and find a revenue model that fits the site but car brand Volkswagen have come up with a small innovative campaign for used parts that is brilliant in it’s creativity and also wonderfully simple. They’ve also managed to turn the ads in to something that people actually want to click on rather trying to avoid because they improve the user experience. They selected some of the worst copy cat videos from around the world which were covering classic hits and placed banners on the videos that said “Don’t accept imitations” and the beauty was that when you clicked on the advert it took you to the original version of the song on Youtube. From a user experience perspective people knew that clicking on the ads would bring them to what they were actually looking for while Volkswagen were able to drive home the message that their parts were the best in the business and that originals are better. Not every brand is going to be able to copy this campaign nor will it solve Youtbube’s revenue issues long terms but it is a wonderful use of ads by Volkswagen.

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