Who has the best digital blog offering?

Digital blog offering

These sites that were chosen have all got different things going for them and are mostly approaching their blogs from different points of view. Some are solely to promote the company while others are informative and even then some are more informative than others.

digital news

From a news point of view, the Digital Marketing Institute and Williamegan.ie (Dublin Digital) win the up-to-date news dissemination hands down. Their blogs are jam packed wtih information for every type of use, and also from every angle. Take in comparison wolfgangdigital.com. This blog is run by a company that deals primarily in SEO, PPC and Google Adwords and so, as a result, their blog contains information about these subjects.

Digital Doughnut also deserves a mention for its coverage of digital issues but the blog is laid out differently to the others and is therefore more difficult to follow.

ease of use for blog offering

Although we mentioned at the beginning that content is key for SEO, it is also important that these blogs look well and are easy to manoeuvre and use.

Here again Williamegan.ie and the Digital Marketing Insitute excel in ease of use and then the vast majority of the rest are good. While researching for our own blog, a couple of exceptions on the ease of use side of things came to light.

Firstly, Cybercom will only allow the user to search on the blog once every 15 seconds. Now that may not seem to be a long time but when you are frantically searching for something under a strict deadline that 15 seconds seems like an eternity.

Cybercom digital blog error

The other exception is Digital Doughnut, a very informative site, which uses different headings/tag words to all the other blog. From a user’s point of view, if the phrase/article/information you are looking for is not readily available or obvious, it can make things a little more difficult.

Digital Doughnut digital offering

Interestingly, one of these blogs was recommended to us as an informative, up-to-date, insightful view of all things digital – http://www.beatricewhelan.ie/blog. However when we tried to source the blog,  we got a 404 not found message. Beatrice does have her own website but states on it that she blogs on two others. website extraordinaire blog and bloggertone.com. On the former, the server was not available and on the latter there were no posts. However, we did track her down on the Digital Marketing Institute blog.

Overall we would have to conclude that these blogs do provide a service to those who use them. While some are ‘idiot’ friendly, others are very much targetted to those who are immersed in the digital sector. They are all informative in their own way but as in everything there are those that shine more than others.

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